My name is Willow, and I'm a cartoon artist. I use they/she pronouns, and I aim to make LGBT+ friendly spaces with my creativity. I currently live in Virginia, USA with my precious cat of 14 years, Kiwi. On top of digital art, I also enjoy making costumes, and other types of crafts including plush dolls and accessories. I've been drawing and painting since I could pick up a pencil, and have roughly 20 years of digital art experience. I love to draw pretty much anything. Character illustrations and creature concepts are my strong points. I also have experimented in simple animations.


Past Projects

Project List (Most recent first)
Kingdom Hearts • "Hearts Intertwined Vol. 2" VanVen zine - Artist
Genshin Impact • "Amidst the Autumn Storm" Kazuha/Aether Zine - Artist
Kirby • "Shaped Like A Friend" Kirby Zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "Checkmate" Xehaqus zine - Supporting Artist
Original • "Monster Lovers" original content zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "My Other Half" SoRokuVanVen zine - Artist
Pokemon • "Impeccable!!" Pokemon Snap zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "Garden of Shadows" Namine/Dark Riku/Vanitas zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "Hearts Intertwined" VanVen zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "Summer's End" Roxas zine - Artist and Moderator
Kingdom Hearts • "Hearts for the Holidays" Zine/Advent Calendar - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "The Shadow You Cast" Vanitas zine - Organizer
Kingdom Hearts • "Missed Connections" KH rarepair zine - Artist


If you are interested in commissioning me, please use the contact form below. I offer a variety of options like sketches, icons, or even full illustrations. Please be sure to read my TOS before scrolling to the form!


Before Ordering
➼ Before requesting a commission slot, please be sure to read all of my terms of service.
➼ Make sure you have all of your information ready before contacting me
➼ If you have a question, please email me before requesting a commission slot. ([email protected]) Or contact me on Twitter via DMs (@starfeathershop) or on FurAffinity via notes (CoralSky)
➼ Be aware of the art styles I draw in, and keep your commission within that constraint.
General Rules
➼ Don't be a jerk to me or the people who commission me. Anyone caught bad mouthing or passive aggressiveness will get you blocked and added to my blacklist permanently.
➼ Please do not pester me if I have denied your commission, you will be banned from future commissions and likely blocked if this happens.
➼ I will not work on art made by others, nor will I copy artwork in any way. If you have a grey zone idea, please ask first.
➼ Any artwork created by me is not to be used in any blockchain and metaverse related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future invention of this nature. My artwork is not permitted to be used for AI learning. (Stable Diffusion, Midjourney etc)
The Process
Here's a basic idea of my work flow:
➼ The customer will send me a message about their commission
➼ If I do not hear back from the customer within 3 days after confirmation, their slot will be forfeited and they will need to try again
➼ After confirmation, I will send them an invoice
➼ In the meantime, I will start on the sketch
➼ If the sketch has not been started but the customer has paid early, a full refund is available at this point
➼ After they pay the invoice, I will continue to work on the image until it is complete, giving progress reports along the way if needed
➼ At this point, only 30% of the price can be refunded
➼ Once the art is completed, the customer will receive a low resolution file to review and confirm if everything meets their standards
➼ If something is amiss, I will make necessary edits (Only small things can be changed at this point, large edits will require more payment)
➼ After the image has been finalized and approved, the customer will receive a high resolution file, and a 'web-friendly' file, both with a watermark that they may use in personal galleries, profile pages, etc.
➼ I no longer provide full resolution images without a watermark due to past issues
➼ At this point, no portion of the payment can be refunded, the sale is final
➼ Potential chargebacks after this point will result in the PERMANENT blacklisting of your email, paypal, username etc, no exceptions.
➼ All payments are to be made in USD, through Paypal, and can be paid upfront or after the initial sketch has been completed.
➼ International customers, or anyone who will need to have PayPal do a currency conversion will have an additional 4.5% added for conversion fees.
➼ Under no circumstance will any form of cryptocurrency be used for transactions. If you use crypto to pay, (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) you will be refunded, and permanently blacklisted from any future commissions.
➼ I will not do cleanup and color until the commission has been paid for in some amount.
➼ Commissions over $200 can be paid half now and half before color is added. Full payments will be needed before I begin the coloring process.
➼ Commission totals under $200 will need to be paid in full before I can start.
Use of Commissions
➼ After your commission is completed, I have the right to use the image(s) however I want. This means I may use it in my portfolios, as prints for sale, promotional material etc. I will not of course claim that your character belongs to me, that's rude. (Chances of me using the art are slim of course, generally I only make merchandise using fan art, or my own original art)
➼ The commissioner is allowed to post their commission to their own galleries WITHOUT CROPPING THE ART
➼ The commissioner is however NOT allowed to use their commission for profit. So this means no selling it as a print, sticker, charm, or anything else that will earn you money.
➼ If you intend to use my art as such, we will need to negotiate on a different price and/or royalties. Commercial art typically starts at $500 for a base rate, and will go up depending on the scope of the project.
➼ Under no circumstance will I allow for my artwork to be used for minting NFTs or other forms of crypto art and currencies. My art is also not allowed to be used for AI learning (Midjourney, StableDiffusion etc)
➼ The same rule applies to my art being used for something that is not it's intended purpose, like using a sketch as a badge or tattoo design. If I find out you're doing this, you will be blacklisted without warning or confrontation.
➼ Actually, please don't ever use my art as a tattoo design unless that is exactly the purpose of me drawing the art. I can make a tattoo design on commission, a price will depend on complexity and typically starts at $100 per design.
➼ Commission work is not to be edited in any way unless you have my written or verbal permission. No going to other people, no doing it yourself. It is NOT allowed. (Example: If I do a b/w sketch, don't color it please! If you want color, ask for a colored commission instead)
➼ If I find out any commissioners have broken these rules, they will be blocked, and added to my blacklist.
Commission Progress
➼ Turnaround time depends on the type of commission. Small things like icons or sketches are typically a few days or so, anything larger can take up to two weeks or more depending on the complexity.
➼ Changes can only be made during the sketch phase, I will not make any changes once I have started the cleanup/lineart unless I have made a mistake on markings, colors, etc.
➼ Please do not ask me about the progress of your commission daily, doing so is probably going to get your commissioned cancelled.
➼ Be aware that some mental and physical instabilities (moderate carpal tunnel for example) I suffer from can get in the way of your commission and slow or even halt the process. Life issues can also pop up unexpectedly, and I will let you know if anything is hindering the progress of your commission.
➼ If it has been more than two weeks and you haven't gotten any updates from me, you can send me an email, tweet or note to ask about the status. I can be forgetful at times, so I don't mind an occasional reminder.
➼ If I do not receive a response back from you within 3 days (Unless an emergency pops up) then I may need to cancel your commission as a result. I try to work as fast as possible once I've started a commission, so getting a quick response is preferred.
➼ A full refund is only available if I have not started the commission at the time of a requested cancellation
➼ If I've already started the commission, only a partial refund can be given
There are some subjects that I don't feel comfortable drawing. (Depending on skill level, moral comfort, etc) Don't argue with me about any of this please.
➼ Some robotics (Flexible on this, feel free to ask!)
➼ Heavily detailed armor
➼ Baby characters and babyfurs (Sorry but I've been burned too many times in the past. Child characters are fine)
➼ Characters using slur words to describe themselves (Cntboy, Hrm, Tr*nny, Trap, etc)
➼ 'Anatomically correct' feral animals
➼ Heavy machinery or guns
➼ Cities and anything that's just a little too geometric
➼ Realism
➼ I do not take nsfw commissions at this time

Commission Types

Please refer to the galleries below for examples and pricing