My name is Willow, and I'm a cartoon artist. I use they/she pronouns, and I aim to make LGBT+ friendly spaces with my creativity. I currently live in Virginia, USA with my precious cat of 13 years, Kiwi. On top of digital art, I also enjoy making costumes, and other types of crafts including plush dolls and accessories. I've been drawing and painting since I could pick up a pencil, and have roughly 20 years of digital art experience. I love to draw pretty much anything. Character illustrations and creature concepts are my strong points. I also have experimented in simple animations.


Past Projects

Project List (Most recent first)
Kingdom Hearts • "Hearts Intertwined Vol. 2" VanVen zine - Artist
Genshin Impact • "Amidst the Autumn Storm" Kazuha/Aether Zine - Artist
Kirby • "Shaped Like A Friend" Kirby Zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "Checkmate" Xehaqus zine - Supporting Artist
Original • "Monster Lovers" original content zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "My Other Half" SoRokuVanVen zine - Artist
Pokemon • "Impeccable!!" Pokemon Snap zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "Garden of Shadows" Namine/Dark Riku/Vanitas zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "Hearts Intertwined" VanVen zine - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "Summer's End" Roxas zine - Artist and Moderator
Kingdom Hearts • "Hearts for the Holidays" Zine/Advent Calendar - Artist
Kingdom Hearts • "The Shadow You Cast" Vanitas zine - Organizer
Kingdom Hearts • "Missed Connections" KH rarepair zine - Artist


If you are interested in commissioning me, please use the contact form below. I offer a variety of options like sketches, icons, or even full illustrations. Pricing for smaller commissions like sketches or icons starts at $55. Full color illustrations typically start at $200.